chicken stir fry

May 14, 2010 by

i’m a huge fan of ikea.  unfortunately in nashville, the closest ikea is four hours away in atlanta.   nashvillians are crazy about ikea.  there is a rumor that one is coming to nashville, and there is also a company that specializes in personalized ikea shopping for nashvillians.  anyways,  we took a road trip there a few weeks back and i picked up one of these bad boys.  honestly, i think i’m most excited about making homemade mac n’ cheese in it.  but i broke it in making chicken stir fry. i’m not sure what to think of my first wok experience.  it did produce a tasty result and it was a lot less messier than cramming all of the ingredients into a 12″ non-stick pan.  but the shape of the pan made it...

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