pot pie

Jan 22, 2012 by

we have finally found our favorite b’ham restaurant.  it sure did take a while.  the archer ale house is an english style pub house, in the basement of an old fairhaven building.  the food reminds us of one of our nashville favorites: the flying saucer.  tom loves their pizza, i’m a huge fan of their pot pie.  it is very spicy and just warms you all of the way through!  they make it to order and it is well worth the wait. but pot pie shouldn’t just be saved for when you go out.  it is easy to throw together and even anti-pot-pie tom loves it.  i used frozen thanksgiving turkey leftovers, but feel free to use any chicken or turkey that you may have on hand.  chunked, shredded, whatever you prefer.  just try...

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pumpkin roll

Nov 20, 2011 by

  thanksgiving week is upon us!  tom and i have a lot to be thankful for; we have been very blessed in this crazy whirlwind of a year.  this thursday, we’ll be thinking of our family in michigan and most definitely missing them. tradition is something that will make me feel a lot closer to family.  we’ll be having a brown paper bag turkey, served on a “dump platter”.   we’ll watch the macy’s thanksgiving day parade. (hopefully, it is on at a reasonable time in the pst!)  most importantly, tom and i will be giving thanks (like we do most every day) for all of our blessings. this recipe is for a pumpkin roll, i can’t really think of a specific “traditional” recipe that we made growing up, we usually experimented with new...

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Jan 1, 2011 by

so now that we’re in 2011, i decided to wrap up the rest of thanksgiving 2010. 🙂  i’m excited to move on to the new recipes that i’ve been working on this year! last, but not least, is the turkey.  i usually prefer deep-fried turkey, but this oven-roasted turkey is so moist and delicious, i don’t mind missing out on all of those extra calories. 🙂 the credit for this recipe goes to ma, my gramma lince’s mom.  a special thanks goes to my mom for typing all of the instructions out for me! beautifully carved, thanks to tom! 🙂  it’s also served lince style, on a cheap “dump” platter. source: ma and mom one turkey, thawed (1 – 1.5 lbs/per person is a good estimate for the size you should buy.) roasting pan...

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