strawberry pie

Jun 6, 2013 by

well, holy cow, blog, it has been a good long while!  things have been a tad bit busy around here… the most wonderful, exhausting and rewarding kind of busy.  meet ben! beautiful baby, you’re sweeter than strawberry pie! every day is a deeper shade of blue, when i’m with you. 🙂 i’m pretty sure that ben beats this strawberry pie, but it is pretty darn tasty.  give it a try this summer! source: my mom crust: i used the french crust, used in the chocolate mousse pie. i’m a bigger fan of my mom’s crust with this pie.  her recipe is as follows: 1 1/2 c flour 2 tbsp sugar pinch salt 1/2 c oil 2 tbsp milk mix together dry ingredients.  stir in oil and milk.  press in pie dish and bake at 350º...

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chocolate covered strawberries

Feb 11, 2010 by

valentine’s day is just around the corner…  here’s a sweet treat that you can make for (or with) your sweetie! 1 dozen strawberries, washed and dried 1 c white chocolate (i use almond bark) 1 1/2  c semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 tsp shortening prep your strawberries.  make sure that they are dry or the chocolate will not stick to the berries! in the microwave, melt the white chocolate (or almond bark) in 30 sec. intervals until melted. dip strawberries into white chocolate, place on wax-paper lined cookie sheet.  put in fridge for 5 min. or until white chocolate hardens. melt the semi-sweet chocolate and shortening in microwave for 30 sec. intervals until melted. dip strawberries into dark chocolate, return to cookie sheet.  drizzle with extra white chocolate.  you may need to re-melt the chocolate...

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