tartar sauce

Apr 9, 2011 by

i can eat ketchup on just about anything… french fries, hot dogs, pork chops, steak (though not as much since i have discovered longhorn’s crab stuffed filet), and fish sticks.  especially fish sticks.  considering i am not much of a fish fan, ketchup makes it tolerable. tom, on the other hand, prefers tartar sauce.  (i say, blech! pickles! :-P!) here’s what you’ll need to create homemade tartar sauce.  it’s pretty simple because all of the items in your kitchen, right now.  it also saves me from buying a bottle for one person when i decide to make buy frozen fish sticks once a year. 🙂 source: allrecipes.com 1/4 c mayo 1 tsp sweet pickle relish 1/8-1/4 tsp onion powder 2 tsp lemon juice salt and pepper, to taste in a small bowl, whisk together...

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