italian chicken soup

Dec 26, 2011 by

after stumbling upon this soup, i have made it THREE different times.  THREE.  that is a lot of times for me to make something in a few months time.  just sayin’.  i have modified the original recipe to make it a bit easier to throw together.  the amts below will work for about 4 people.  double, quadruple, as needed. i have also made a few modifications to the original, mainly with the sauteing oregano in evoo.  for the first time, i didn’t have fresh oregano on hand and used the dried stuff, as a substitution.  it burned and did not turn out all that well.  i never really tried it again and can’t taste that the soup is missing anything.  also, the jalapeño does not add much heat, so don’t be intimidated.  on to...

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baked zucchini

Mar 31, 2010 by

ahhh, the tastes of summer…   i may have jumped the gun a bit on this blog, but i’m ready for the flavors of summer!  we had a garden growing up and it was full of delicious vegetables.  well, a few that i liked.  one of my favorites was my mom’s baked zucchini, baked to a crisp in the oven… zucchini, sliced thin pam seasoned salt garlic powder italian seasoning parmesan cheese pre-heat oven to 350°. spray a cookie sheet with pam and arrange zucchini in a single layer on the sheet. spray more pam on top of the zucchini. sprinkle seasoned salt, garlic powder and italian seasoning. sprinkle with parmesan cheese. bake until cheese is brown and bubbly....

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