pulled pork

Apr 2, 2011 by

one of my favorite food blogs is the pioneer woman.  her blog is amazing and talks about a lot more than just food.  when she posted this recipe, i knew i had to try it.  my mouth was watering! this dish is great for any season and is also multi-functional!  (never thought that i’d say that about food, but it really is!)  you can serve it on a sandwich, tom style with bbq sauce, pickles and melted pepper jack cheese, in a taco, on nachos, or use it for pretty much anything you’d want to put pulled pork on.  i’m thinking that it might even be great on a pizza… mmm. i’ve adapted the original recipe to be a two-person friendly, crock pot gig, with leftovers for one meal.  if you want to make...

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refried beans

Jan 24, 2010 by

growing up as a little girl, i was a very picky eater.  just ask my mom.  i grew up on chicken patties and found several ways to make them.  refried beans were one thing i would not touch with a ten-foot pole.   during my junior year of high school, i went on a mission trip to our church’s honduran orphanage after hurricane mitch hit.  it was a eye-opening experience and i became very thankful for what i had.  i also tried refried beans for the first time, in an authentic  honduran restaurant and actually liked them!  the version that i had was loaded with goat cheese and was very creamy.  when i got home, i recreated them and have been eating refried beans ever since, and always remembering my trip every time i...

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