ground bologna sandwiches

May 27, 2010 by

interestingly enough, everything in this recipe i have refused to eat at one point or another in my life and 3/4 of it i still won’t eat (raw onion, pickles and miracle whip).  when i was little, i even boycotted sandwiches (until i tried subway).  but when all of these ingredients come together, they make one delicious sandwich that i enjoy. and you MUST use koegel’s ring bologna for this recipe.  it’s the only bologna that i’ll eat.  can you tell i’m a tad on the picky side this post?  or maybe it’s because i’m from flint and appreciate good bologna and hot dogs.  or maybe i’m just picky about all food… 🙂 oh! and of course, the key to this recipe is an awesome meat grinder.  i use a kitchenaid meat grinder, which...

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