star trek feast

May 25, 2009 by

so my boyfriend tom is a nerd.  it’s not a secret and i love him more for it. 🙂  the movie star trek premiered recently and so i decided to create tom a feast fit for a, well, star trekkie. my research started via google, which led me to this site.  star trek: tng is one of our favorite tv shows.  i found things like banana splits and earl grey tea, hot.  not much to base a meal off of.  i boldly went further into federation space and decided to explore the klingon empire.   they have lots of gross looking food, but that’s the kind of food that can be really fun to make.  so, without further adieu, behold scrag and gagh: scrag scrag is the roasted haunch of the animal garbat, marinated in...

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