chicken mediterranean pizza

Sep 26, 2011 by

one of the things that i miss the most about tennessee is publix.  i can’t say enough wonderful things about the store.  one of my favorite things to pick up there was pre-made pizza dough and top it with just about any topping i’d like.  pre-made dough is non-existent in wa.  i’m working on a replacement recipe (aka future post), but it is not as easy as going to publix and buying it pre-made in the bakery.  just sayin. i suppose that this is a “things that i miss about michigan” post, too.  the inspiration for chicken mediterranean pizza comes from cottage inn pizza.  i’ve never seen a pizza like it on a menu since moving, so of course, i had to re-create it at home. cornmeal pre-made pizza dough (or any form of...

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