egg nog waffles

Dec 24, 2011 by

it’s the time of year for… egg nog, among other things.  i wanted to find a way to incorporate egg nog into our breakfast.  i first tried egg nog french toast, which was a massive fail.  they were very blah.  we went to ihop and devoured egg nog pancakes, which were AWESOME.  so i decided to try egg nog in another one of our favorite breakfast dishes: waffles.  these are a bit cakey, but most definitely egg-noggy and wonderful.  the recipe yields two average sized waffles; double and quadruple, as needed. source: cake and allie 3/4 c flour 1/4 c cornstarch 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp sugar 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 c egg nog 1/3 c vegetable oil 1 egg in a large bowl, whisk together the...

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chicken zucchini bake

Feb 8, 2011 by

zucchini was on sale at publix a few weeks ago.  i get a lot of from the sale ads which incidentally, makes tom happy because i spend less on groceries each week.  thinking about zucchini took me back to summer and out of the icy winter that we’ve been having down here in nashville.  so i found this recipe online. it’s a recipe that needs a bit of tweaking, but was pretty tasty for a first try. slightly adapted from: 1 8 oz. can refridgerated crescent rolls 2 tbsp honey mustard 2 c sliced zucchini 1/2 onion, sliced 1/8 c butter 2 c cooked, shredded chicken meat 2 eggs 1/2 c milk 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp ground black pepper 1/4 tsp dried basil 1/4 tsp dried oregano 1/4 tsp garlic powder 2...

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french toast

Oct 10, 2010 by

french toast is a very simple breakfast dish to make.  i’ve been making it for a very long time and was kind of surprised to find that i hadn’t blogged about it yet! (for 8 slices of french toast, multiply as needed) 8 slices of bread (tom prefers good old fashioned white, i prefer brioche) 3 eggs 1 – 1 1/4 c dairy products (milk, half & half, whipping cream*) 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp vanilla cinnamon, to taste preheat a griddle to med-low heat. in a medium bowl, whisk 3 eggs. add dairy products (i prefer to use 1/2 c half and half, 3/4 c milk.  i used 1/2 c whipping cream, 3/4 c milk today and it turned out great, too!)  whisk together with the eggs. add sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon.  whisk...

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tres leches cupcakes

Oct 4, 2010 by

i have a dear sister who is part pirate, part mexican and 100% awesome.  it’s her birthday this wednesday and i got the honor of making her a birthday dessert.   her first requirement was that she wanted cupcakes.  (little did she know that her husband picked up a sweet pirate cupcake kit a while back.  i’m bummed i didn’t get a pic of one with a pirate topper in it. 🙁 )  i mentioned tres leches cupcakes to her and she got REALLY excited. so to wrap it up: pirates + tres leches + cupcakes = best way to celebrate the best. sister. ever!  happy birthday, bran! recipe slightly modified from 8 eggs, separated 1 1/3 c sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 1/4 c flour 3 tbsp cornstarch 1 tsp baking powder...

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breakfast pizza

May 23, 2010 by

as i have said before breakfast is our favorite meal of the day.  breakfast was served at our late morning wedding reception and i could go on and on about how much we LOVE breakfast.  but i won’t.  i’ll just share another shoemaker-approved breakfast dish. Adapted from SmittenKitten 1 pizza crust (however you prefer to make it)* 1/4-1/2 lb. ground breakfast sausage 1/4 c grated parmigiano reggiano cheese 1 c grated mozzarella 3 eggs salt and pepper to taste green onion parsley flakes * i picked up an awesome pre-made dough from publix that was just waiting to be kneaded and topped. pull dough out of the fridge 1-2 hours before you want to start making pizza. pre-heat oven to 500°. brown sausage in a pan.  place on a paper towel lined dish to drain...

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breakfast burrito casserole

Jan 1, 2010 by

happy new year, everyone!  breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so i couldn’t think of a better way to start out the new year than with this kickin breakfast casserole. 🙂 1 tube breakfast sausage 1/2 medium green pepper, chopped fine 1/4 medium sweet onion, chopped fine 10 8″ flour tortillas shredded cheddar cheese, a lot of it and divided 1 1/2 tbsp flour 2 1/2 c half and half 8 eggs, beaten 1/2 tsp salt brown sausage in pan over medium heat, drain off excess grease.  fold in onions and peppers. place a good pinch of cheese in center of tortilla, top with 1/2 c of sausage mixture, roll and place into greased 9″ x 13″ baking dish.  repeat until pan is full. in a large bowl, whisk together eggs, half...

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pecan pie

Dec 24, 2009 by

this pie is one of tom’s favorite desserts, if not his absolute favorite dessert.   it’s frequently served at thanksgiving and Christmas.  but i make it several times during the year, dressing it up with mini pie crust cutters. it is very simple to make, especially if you use ready-made pie dough.   however, i am not a cheater. 🙂 here’s the recipe, courtesy of the 1953 edition of “better homes and gardens new cook book”: plain pastry (for an 8-9 inch double crust pie) 1 1/2 cups sifted enriched flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 c shortening 4-5 tbsp cold (COLD) water sift together the flour and salt.  cut in half the shortening with a pastry blender until the mixture looks like cornmeal.  then cut in the remaining half until the pieces are sizes...

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crème brûlée

Jun 8, 2009 by

crème brûlée is about as perfect as dessert can get. i had never had crème brûlée until our recent trip to cincinnati. we ate at jeff ruby’s and it was so heavenly, i decided that i needed to figure out how to make it!  i picked up a crème brûlée torch set from bed, bath & beyond, butane from meijers, and was on my way to making the recipe below. i hope that you enjoy it! 2 c heavy cream 1/4 c sugar 1 pinch salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract (don’t use the kind with alcohol in it, the flavor isn’t as good.) 4 egg yolks (save the whites and make a healthy omelette to make up for the crème brûlée!) 4 tbsp white or brown sugar preheat the oven to 300° bring a...

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french toast casserole

Apr 27, 2009 by

this is a quick, simple and delicious solution for breakfast. 1 loaf of french bread 8 oz. package of cream cheese raisins (optional) brown sugar 10 eggs 3/4 c milk 3/4 c half and half 1/4 c maple syrup (or other syrup) 1/4 c melted butter cinnamon cube bread and place half in a greased 9 x 13 pan dot with cream cheese cut into small cubes sprinkle with raisins and brown sugar, evenly over bread layer with the remaining bread in a large bowl, combine eggs, half and half, syrup and butter, pour over bread sprinkle with cinnamon cover and refrigerate overnight remove cover and bake and 350 degrees for 45 to 50 minutes serve hot with syrup...

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