apple crisp

Nov 8, 2010 by

ahhhh the tastes of fall.  i keep finding things that i miss from michigan.  an awesome selection of apples is one of them.  apple lane orchard was just down the road from our house and i loved going each fall to get their amazing cider (haven’t ever tasted anything like it) or their awesome apple selection.  the other cool part about the apple orchard was that the owner, mr. pettengill, was my grampa lince’s friend.  every year, we’d always talk about my grampa.  it always makes me smile to think about my grampa lince. 🙂 apple orchards do not exist down here.  the apple variety at the store isn’t that great.  i did pick up honeycrisp apples for this recipe and they’re delicious!  a good mix of sweet, tart and crunch.  however, if you...

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