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i’m taking a quick break from blogging about thanksgiving… for a recipe that will change any muggle’s life forever.


it all started a month ago when my friend kristen introduced me to this website.  i am now a daily reader.  back up a few weeks ago, and they featured a butterbeer recipe from this blog, which i am also a big fan of!

the only difficult part about this recipe is finding butter extract.  i finally found it at wal-mart.  if you’re unwilling to brave the deathly hallows of wal-mart, you can find it online here.  buy a LOT of it, because you WILL become addicted to this magical drink in a stein.

source: bakingdom

  • 6 12 oz. bottles of cream soda (i used a 2 liter of a&w cream soda)
  • 3 tsp butter extract
  • optional: 1 oz. of light rum to make it an adult beverage
  • 2 c heavy cream
  • 6 tbsp sugar (use splenda w/ diet cream soda for a few less calories!)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 tsp butter extract

to make the butterbeer:

  1. set out 6 16 oz. glasses.  place 1/2 tsp of butter extract in each glass.  pour 12 oz. of cream soda into each glass.  lightly stir with a straw.

to make the foam:

  1. in a large bowl, whip the heavy cream on medium high speed for 3-4 min. until it starts to thicken.  add the sugar and continue whipping until very soft peaks begin to form, another 3-4 min.  stir in the vanilla and butter extract, then whip for another 30 sec. or so, until soft peaks form.
  2. spoon about a half cup on top of each glass, serve.  (don’t use too much! it will expand with the butterbeer.)


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  1. Kristen

    Sounds delicious! And, thanks for the shoutout! Miss you!

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