what is this place?

the shoebox is a place for me to save all of my (mostly) successful recipes in one tidy place.  you’ll find a lot of simple, everyday food recipes here.  no frills or nothing too crazy fancy like truffle oil or amuse-bouche.  you won’t find much else other than recipes.  hopefully in the coming months, i’ll be showcasing more creations of the non-food variety.

the characters:

jess: i am a self-proclaimed neat freak with a creative, nerdy flair.  as a native michigander, i grew up as a picky eater with a lot of home-cooked comfort foods.  (thanks, mom!)  once a nashville transplant, i learned more about food such as buttermilk, grits, pecan beer and bbq.  i think i’ll always cringe when i hear the word “y’all”.  now, we live in bellingham, wa.  the land of hippies, hipsters and amazing scenery.  the food scene isn’t as “happening” as nashville, but that gives me more reason to cook at home!  i love cheese, chocolate, working out (because of the first two), all things musical and hanging out with our family, whether it is all four of us exploring local hiking trails or tom, lucy and i crashing on the couch watching tv after the kiddos goes to bed.

tom is my rockstar engineer husband.  he deals with my shenanigans and is willing to eat just about anything i make.  he’s an honest food critic and can always put a smile on my face.  tom also puts up with massive kitchen failures by making late-night taco bell runs.  plus, he’s the brains behind making this website really work and i can’t ever find enough ways to show him how much i love and appreciate him.  you can find tom over on practicecuriosity.com.

ben is our sweet boy.  he, too, is willing to eat just about anything i make him, when he is in the mood to eat.  we love to play with cars, dinosaurs and potato heads!  ben is also a fan of driving through the country to look for cows. mooo.

nate is also our sweet boy.  we’re working on getting him to eat real food, which is a work in progress.  he is a rugged boy, just like his brother and always a smile and a song to sing.

together, we make one pretty awesome team.  just make sure to stay out of the kitchen, tom. 🙂